It's Independent

Until It's Not...

You're never on your own as an independent adjuster with the support of the

MOCAT Mentorship and Claimstacker Community by your side.


We want to be a part of your career not just the start.

While we are dedicated to your education, mentoring becomes our

top priority after you complete our classes. You will gain support not

only from the MOCAT Staff but also from a community of the industry's

most successful adjusters, ready and willing to guide you through the

challenges of independent adjusting.

"This career is not easy, but it's so worth it!"

Calvin Newman

Is the Adjuster Career for You?


Hands On All-Inclusive Adjuster Training

We understand the struggles and challenges that new and aspiring adjusters encounter in this field. Drawing from our experience training and mentoring thousands of independent adjusters, we've identified four core competencies that adjusters must master to succeed as professional independent adjusters.


MOCAT offers Texas All-Lines Adjuster

License Training. Recognizing the

significance of insurance policy

comprehension, we go beyond mere

licensing, providing practical

application-based education.


We teach adjusters to manage claims effectively, emphasizing a business approach. Claims management is crucial for success, and our curriculum covers comprehensive post-assignment protocols.


MOCAT's patented scoping methods train to navigate and communicate like seasoned independent adjusters, regardless of construction experience. We prioritize efficiency damage inspections, ensuring thoroughness and professionalism.


Adjusters are responsible for creating and delivering comprehensive estimates. MOCAT is renowned in our industry for effectively training adjusters to write estimates with efficiency and proficiency, ultimately enhancing their earnings potential.



The MOCAT Claimstacker community isn't just a group—it's a family
dedicated to your success. Whether you're facing the challenges of independent adjusting for the first time or seeking ongoing guidance

to excel in your career, this community is ready and eager to stand

by your side every step of the way.


MOCAT's mentorship program is renowned in the industry for its

unparalleled commitment to post-training support. Beyond

providing comprehensive instruction, MOCAT ensures that every

student receives ongoing guidance and assistance as they embark

on their journey in the field of adjusting.

Your Instructors


"If you want to be successful there is only one choice for your training. MOCAT is Legit! I learned more in three days than a full year of insurance work. I feel so confident after coming here I know I will do well. Great people. Feels like family." #Togetherwegetbetter


"MOCAT is the gold standard for independent adjuster education. The systems and tools that I've learned during my time here have been well worth my investment. I would highly recommend anyone looking to get into the independent adjusting field to start their journey here. You will leave with a solid foundation to kickstart your career."


"MOCAT is worth every penny. It delivers what it promises and more for people willing to make the commitment. If you're looking for a cheap, easy program, you can find it elsewhere. If you're looking for a high quality, excellent program that sets you up for success as an independent adjuster, MOCAT is it."


"Choosing to invest in yourself with MOCAT is a transformative decision. It speaks volumes about your commitment to personal and professional growth. MOCAT sets you apart, propelling your career forward in so many ways. MOCAT is definitely the start every adjuster needs to have."


Over 2,000 Professional Independent Adjusters Started at MOCAT

Recognized as the authority in Adjuster Training by industry leaders and IA Firms, MOCAT is America's Premier Adjuster School!

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